"the joy of the LORD is my strength” nehemiah 8:10

Aug 11, 2017

seeing others

A few days ago Father sent two of the most annoying people I know to help me. Both showed up without me asking either of them for help. So, there was no doubt Who sent them.

The first man noticed a problem with my truck. As he began to look the situation over, the other saw him looking under the hood and wandered over.

One is a millionaire. An extremely prideful man who doesn’t have Christ; yet. I’m praying for him, so I expect any day now, he will meet my Father, and be welcomed with open arms into the kingdom.

The other is a brother in Christ, who verbally judges everyone and everything. I’m probably at the top of his list because I refuse to fit into his theology and belief system, or submit to his authority. In his thinking, women should always submit to men.

These two men don’t even like each other, but there they were, helping me with a potentially big problem. I just stood back and watched them as they worked together, thanking Father silently for sending them in my time of need, and praying they didn’t kill each other in the process.

I sometimes struggle with loving others unconditionally. And here were two of those others, come to my rescue. I silently asked Father to help me see both men through His eyes.

The problem was solved successfully. No one died in the process. And I was genuinely grateful to both of them for the help and expressed that from a sincere heart. To my surprise, our time together actually ended in laughter.

Father is determined. It seems the people I have the hardest time loving; He keeps sending my way. So, I choose to allow Him to work through me, to see each one as He sees and love them as He loves.

Will the-hard-to-love stop coming? It’s doubtful. But, what difference does it make? As I see through His eyes, I’ll welcome each encounter, each person, and might even be allowed to share something beautiful of Him with those He sends.

‘til next time,

Betty Jo

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